Travel? Or Not??

February 28, 2020 0 Comments

Everyone is talking about travel these days – is it safe? Should you wear a mask? Should you postpone? I was reading an article about which are the safest seats on the plane regarding infections. A test was conducted to see which passengers on a plane were most likely to get sick if an infected person is unknowingly on the plane. It turns out that the window seats are by far the safest. The reason was that window seat passengers are far less likely to get up during a flight (about 35%, vs 75% of aisle sitters), and therefore were in contact with the least number of people and the smallest amount of air while flying. Life – and business – are like that as well. Stick to your competitive advantage, don’t “walk around” trying new things all of the time, and as a window seat, keep your eyes focused on the future. And travel safely!