The Importance Of A Water Break

February 24, 2020 0 Comments

Yesterday in ballet class our teacher had us take a “water” break, and one of the students commented that when we were young ballet students (many moons ago!) we were never permitted to drink during class, whereas now we all carry a bottle to class and finish it before the last pliĆ©. In the intervening years, we’ve learned about the need and importance of water, and I have tried to be diligent – not only in ballet class but all day long – about staying hydrated. Drinking water can keep your skin bright and clear, help you to lose weight, keep your energy up, relieve headaches, maintain proper blood pressure, and even reduce the chance of a hangover. If you want to drink more water each day, figure out what you like (flavored/unflavored/icy cold/etc.) and whether you are more likely to drink from a glass pitcher on your desk, an insulated bottle in your bag or something else which appeals to you. If you are looking for “secrets” to getting ahead in your business, the first priority is to make your greatest business asset as productive as possible, and that asset is YOU! So choose your favorite bottle, and let’s raise a glass and drink – to good health!