Take On Me!

February 25, 2020 0 Comments

Keeping with our theme of 80’s hit songs let’s talk about Aha, the Norwegian one-hit-wonder that exploded on the scene in 1985. The video is still timeless. It used a technique called Rotoscoping that combined live action with animation. The technology seemed to seamlessly blend the live action in a comic book environment making it one of the most memorable videos in the golden age of MTV. What techniques do you use to make an impact? Is your vision easily recognizable? Are you innovative for your industry? Is it clear what sets you apart? It’s how you set yourself apart that makes you memorable. The culture you create attracts the right talent. Great talent can attract the right customers. Finding your unique advantage doesn’t have to be complex or grand. It is just doing a little better than the average at times. Want to grow? Ready to strengthen your business to support the lifestyle you want? Take on me! Let’s work together to find that +1 that will accelerate the growth of your business and build an organization that will thrive in any environment! hashtag#heydanwhatsnext hashtag#gofargofast hashtag#takeonme hashtag#knowyourplusone