Tackling The “To-Do” List

March 2, 2020 0 Comments

(Or shall I say … “avoid being tackled by my ‘to do’ list!”) I’m a list maker by nature – if you look at my phone, you will see lists of everything from what to pack for scores of proposed travel itineraries in the future to a list of favorite drinks at Starbucks (that one’s for my husband, who needs to refer to it if he has to order for me!) But sometimes it seems that my “to do” list is a bottomless pit – it never seems to get any smaller, and even with a list, I procrastinate on certain items to the point of ridiculousness. I have been working on breaking my task down into tiny bullet points, with each one being just a tiny step in a larger project. In this way, I see the list of steps instead of the whole, and it is much less overwhelming to tackle a 10-minutes step than a 10-hour project. 10 minutes leads to 10 minutes leads to … yup – a shorter list! So far now my list is a mile ling with all of these smaller tasks itemized one-by-one. But just like a recipe, by doing just one step at a time, the bigger tasks will get done. Do you have any personal tips for dealing with a “to do” list that actually encourage action … not procrastination?