So How About That Groundhog

February 3, 2020 0 Comments

Yesterday was Groundhog Day, the day America pins all of its hopes and dreams for pleasant weather on the shoulders—or shadow—of a wild rodent. From a meteorological standpoint, I’d love to know who first determined that whether or not it happens to be sunny enough on a particular day in a particular place (in Pennsylvania, no less!) at a particular hour has any bearing whatsoever on the weather for the next 6 weeks.

But the fact is, we often “look for signs”—and often not in the right place. A penny found on the ground means money on the way, breaking a glass means company is coming, and many other predictors that have absolutely nothing to do with the future. How about in business? Do we sometimes delude ourselves with meaningless “data” rather than focusing upon the truth? How many businesses have been surprised by a downturn of events and profits because rather than read the “writing on the wall”, they were looking at some other, incidental indicator that had little or no relevance on the total situation? Are we, too, putting our money on the groundhog? hashtag#groundhog hashtag#buildyourbusiness hashtag#entrepreneur