Let There Be Light

Did you know that Alaska—with its long, dark winters— is the US state with the highest suicide rate? Daylight has a huge effect upon our moods and overall emotional health, and there is a medical correlation between the term “winter doldrums” and the shorter, darker days. In the wintertime, you may arrive and leave work in the dark, going days without feeling the sun. Be sure to go outdoors during the day, even if it is only for a walk around the block. The fresh air, sunlight and exercise will help to refresh you for your workday, and you’ll feel healthier and more energetic. If there are windows at your workplace, see if you can position your desk to take in the view. Spend time in a sun-filled room, bringing work or scheduling meetings in a lounge or another work area with windows. Try artificial sunlight lamps to provide illumination for your workspace and simulated sunlight with full-spectrum lighting. Light Therapy helps patients with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), in addition to depression and sleep disorders. And if all else fails, find a scenic picture for your desk or screen saver with a beautiful sky. It certainly can’t hurt to focus on the days to come when you will be outdoors in the light again. Ah – the power of positive thinking!

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