Just Do It!

February 26, 2020 0 Comments

Many people think that I travel a lot, and goodness knows I love trying to live up to that reputation! But I’ve got nothing on my own kids. Last week my barely-16-year-old flew to London to visit his sister away at school, and since she had classes one day, he took himself on a tour of all of the soccer stadiums around London. Yup – he plotted them out on Google Maps, hopped on trains (some as far away as Zone 7!) and took a selfie in front of each stadium – Arsenal, Watford, you name it – he rode and walked to visit them all. He flew home Tuesday, and Wednesday his sister hopped a plane to Istanbul since she had a few days off from school. It looks beautiful! I am happy to take after my kids – they know what they want to do, and they simply do it. They both work to set aside money (he a lifeguard, she is in the Air National Guard) and plan their own journeys. They remind me – who occasionally gets tied up with “adulting” – to simply “do it” – whatever IT may be for you. And for me – I’m home right now enjoying the pictures!