I Know I Should Be Posting . . . But What?

We all know that we should be posting more on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, and sharing articles and information on LinkedIn, but we are stuck with the eternal question . . . what to post?

Rather than stare at a computer screen scrounging for ideas – or worse yet, get distracted and waste hours aimlessly reading catchy headlines and clicking on links – step away from the computer and thing in terms of these types of posts:


Images – Image posts by far get the most “likes” and “views” on social media, so if you are in a visual industry, start snapping pictures! These could be anything from beauty and fashion to entertainment and the arts, home and garden or even health and wellness. If you fall into one of these categories, you are virtually surrounded by visually appealing items which you could feature via social media. Whether you are promoting your own artistry – as a hairdresser, landscaper or carpenter – or giving your audience a “sneak peak” at things they wouldn’t often see – from the workings of a carburetor to a close-up of a sink clog – a picture can say a thousand words! And what if your industry isn’t all that visually appealing? Let us meet your office staff in pictures, or your newest client, or even the sunset as you left the office this evening. But even if YOU think your work has no visual appeal, you would be surprised how interesting others may fin it to be!


Shared Articles/Posts – One of the best things we can do in business is to align ourselves with respected experts in our fields. By sharing other posts and articles on our social media pages, you are not only providing valuable information to your audience, but you are also visually putting your name and business alongside a respected name and business – and that is always a good thing! Furthermore, if you are sharing and promoting material from people you know – or even haven’t met yet – they will learn of your promotion and generosity in sharing your audience, and may even reciprocate on their own social media feeds. So a win-win for everyone!


Questions – If you want more activity and interaction from your online audience, ask a question! People love to get in on the action, and thought-provoking and multi-sided questions is a great way to get them talking! You can encourage further communication by asking questions which require more than one-word answers, and respond to your readers in the comments section to keep the conversation flowing. A big plus is that posts which have lots of activity on them will keep ‘rising to the top” of a person’s news feed each time a comment is made, so questions not only get your audience involved, but they also improve your visibility on social media channels.


If you can plan ahead different types of posts like these – and perhaps leave a list of ideas on your desktop ready to go – you’ll find that your days of staring blankly at the computer screen have come to an end!