History At The Oscars!

February 10, 2020 0 Comments

At last night’s Academy Awards, history was made—twice! First, it was the first time a non-English film was awarded the coveted “Best Picture” award. “Parasite” from South Korea is NOT about bugs (in case that’s what you were thinking), it DOES have English subtitles (so no worries there!), and while I haven’t seen it myself, the house full of theater majors having an Oscar party at my house last night were all beyond thrilled that it won, and they DID see all the movies, so you can’t come by a better endorsement than that! The other first at the Academy Awards last night was that it was the first time that a female conductor led the orchestra at the awards show. Irish conductor Eimear Noone broke through that glass ceiling, and as a woman who majored in conducting back in college, I can tell you that I was beyond thrilled to see her at the helm in front of millions of viewers. The only way history can be made is if we remove a very dangerous yet popular phrase from our speech . . . “We’ve always done it this way.” Whether in business, our personal lives or the Academy Awards, be sure that “we’ve always done it that way” never crosses your lips, and you too can be making history!