Create your Own Destiny!

September 30, 2017 0 Comments

Perhaps your first dreamt of having your own business when you were young child, being the boss and running things exactly as you pleased. Or perhaps you never thought of having your own business until you found yourself hitting a brick wall at a job, and somehow the vision of calling your own shots regarding your time, money or freedom seemed very enticing. Whatever and whenever you decided to become a business owner, you are here now, and whether you’ve been a business owner for a week, a month or 10 years, it’s very possible that the business you own today isn’t quite the same as the vision you first had of your own business.

Most potential entrepreneurs put “the opportunity to create your own destiny” as a top reason for owning a business. And who wouldn’t want to create their own destiny? All too often, we go through our lives feeling as if we are being pushed along on some invisible road. We can’t see what’s coming in the road ahead, but we are being pushed along a certain direction nonetheless. The opportunity to take the reins for ourselves, and actually steer our lives in our chosen direction is an enticing one for many people. But what did you want your road to look like? And what does it really look like now? Sometimes you can feel as if you were picturing a trip through the rocky mountains, and instead you find yourself driving through the Mojave Desert!

Try to put yourself back to that time when you first envisioned owning your own business. Close your eyes if that helps, and see if you can put yourself back to that time and remember what you thought the dream would be like. Of course, in our dreams there are never any cranky clients, deadlines to be reached, or bills to be paid, but even besides those unfortunate instances of real life, you did at one time have real ideals and visions which the stresses of life may have eroded over time.

Perhaps you can take steps to steer back towards your original vision – that picture of what you REALLY wanted to do. And remember, Albert Einstein once said

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”