Blast The Block!

March 6, 2020 0 Comments

Do you fear the horror of a blank page staring up at you … the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK?? Fear not – for here are some great ways to get that pen (or keyboard) moving again. Checklists Some people are born to check things off and feel a huge sense of accomplishment simply by marking something as “complete”. If that describes you, listing your different book sections and tasks and checking them as you go may be all the reward you need. Scheduled Breaks Perhaps you are a person who likes to work in blocks of time, with a break for exercise, a snack or an outing afterward. If that describes you, then you may enjoy scheduling your writing time by the clock, with a timer or countdown, and then “rewarding” yourself with a well-deserved break. Whether it be food or fun, finding your particular triggers toward success can go a long way toward helping you to achieve your goals—and finish your book! Learn more – download 25 Tips to Power Through Writer’s Block! Visit for a complete list.