Stephanie Larkin

Stephanie Larkin is the founder and president of Red Penguin Books and Web Solutions, a book and web publication company for over a decade. She enjoys working with books of all genres and helping people to “unleash their inner author” through book coaching and development. Stephanie is the author of Write That Book!, 365 Reasons to Celebrate! and SCORE with Social Media.

Stephanie enjoys speaking with groups such as professional organizations and chambers, artists and authors on topics ranging from small business strategies to leverage the “power of the pen”. She teaches courses ranging from small business management to sales and advertising in the Marketing Department at Nassau Community College, where she enjoys working with future entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.

Publishing Services for Today’s Authors

Websites and Social Media

Stephanie is the host of television’s Technically Speaking, an award-winning educational cable TV series airing in Queens and Long Island, which aims to demystify the technology in our everyday lives and offer practical advice and tips to the “technologically challenged”, as well as Between the Covers, the show for readers . . . and writers . . . and lovers . . of BOOKS! The Author Corner – a new show focusing on today’s authors – will be premiering on Verizon and Optimum in June, 2019.